Friday, December 31, 2010

Weight Loss 2010 - 2011

From the Beginning of 2010 I was 84kg
In the End of 2010 I lost 4kg through out the whole year.

I'm suppose to be disappointed, but I'm not.
I might only loose only 4kg but I sure did gain of information about myself.
Knowing about yourself is one of the major things in using the Law of Attraction in Weight loss.
Love yourself.

The Next Year will be one of my best.
It is the year I will achieve my goal.

I take 2010 as a practice/ experimental year.
a year of experiments and sudden achievements.

2011 will be the year for everyone. Not only myself but for everyone in this world.
It will be a great year.

The Secret "I Promise Myself..."

I Promise Myself

To be so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.

To talk health, Happiness, and prosperity to every person I meet.

To make all my friends feel that there is something worthwhile in them.

To look at the sunny side of everything and make my optimism come true.

To think only of the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only for the best.

To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as I am about my own.

To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.

To wear a cheerful expression at all times and give a smile to every living creature I meet.

To give so much time to improving myself that I have no time to critizie others.

To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of troble.

To think well of myself and to proclain this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great deeds.

To live in the faith that the whole world is on my side, as long as I am true to the best that is in me

Christian D. Larson

A New Year of 2011

It's not technically 2011 here yet. an hour or so.

I have already written my New Year's Resolution.
Have you all written yours?

I am not going to post them here though.
but I am going to tell you what it involves.
obviously my future.
They are my goals in different words.

I do plan on spending my in utter bliss. I plan on spending the rest of my life in utter bliss. If I get tired of it, I will conjure up some dramatic scene that will fill the need for something extremely annoying. But no one will want anything that is extremely annoying.

Every Year is different than the other.
They are different in their own way.
For some it may suck, For some it may be the best, For some it was extremely annoying. (I use extremely annoying alot -.-)
With every person its different in their own way.

Think of things you've done this year that you want to fix.
Think of things you'll improve next year.

I really hope everyone had a great 2010.
Because I did. It was very achieving for me. It was the year I achieved most of the Goals I never knew I had.
I wish you all a Happy New Year.
Hope this year you'll be filled Happiness!

Happy New Year!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

A year is almost over.

Hello my readers.

I apologize for not blogging on this.
I just thought today would be the day I blog, after a very long time.

Its December now! HAPPY DECEMBER! which means the year is almost over, It's just a matter of weeks before 2011 starts.

well, my last weight check was today, and I am grateful for it. In the past month, i felt like i've lost so much. and I did.
Although I checked my weight every so often, I don't mind it, I just leave it be and think of myself in the future, as 50kg.

Keep your mind fixed on the end result of what you want.
whether it is a friend, a lover, or your body.
end result end result end result.
and don't forget to act.
Acting is one of my favorite things about the LOA.
Because it makes you and the universe believe that you actually have what you've always wanted.
Time doesn't matter. remember that.

Have a happy day!
Be grateful always
and SMILE! :D

Friday, October 1, 2010

Declare it

Declare who you want to be to the world.

I wonder to myself sometimes, how?

Its pretty obvious.
What do you do when you found out more about yourself, or you found out your horoscope. You tell everyone "I am an Aries" "I am a Leo" "I am a Libra" you declare it to yourself and to others that you are that particular zodiac sign and your proud of it.

In this case, you want to declare what you want to be. or who you want to be. or what you want to have.
since the universe doesn't hear us speak, it only hears our thoughts, emotions and actions.

The way I declare my perfect body to the universe is through my actions and emotions, since I think that they are much stronger than thoughts alone.
Actions speak louder than words.

Do the things that declare who you want to be in the world.
or if you want something
Declare that you have it.
Act like you have it.
Know that you have it.

~ your day will be the best ~

Monday, September 27, 2010

fear isnt anything.

I dont get my weight...

I just wont really go down...
something is wrong...
must fix it.


this this on top here, might sound like something random but its not.
Read it again.

Must fix it!
i found out something is wrong with my weight. since i'm no this journey.
I must fix it
in other words i must not give up.
no matter what
because i see myself as who i want to be so clearly i would do anything.

I thought i would update my blog today because, i officially forgot to check my weight. this week, so i checked it today and i gained about .5kg which doesnt really suck, its normal.
but i would appreciate it if my weight would just stay and go lower!

In my perfect body, I wouldn't be checking my weight everyweek.
I would be checking it every 2 weeks or so.
but when i think about it. My heart gets scared, i dont even want to change it.
but thats change.
its the fear we have to get through and the end result we have to feel great about.

as long as i can conquer my fear i can go to where i'm suppose to be.
and feel grate about it.

To all my readers out there
Fear isn't anything its something in life that we have to get through
so enjoy it while it lasts
and if you get to freaked. RUN!

Monday, August 30, 2010

3 Success Secrets by Marna Thall

Marna has helped me through everything
She helped me realize things i didn't know.
I found her site ThinWithinu a few months back, and each time nothing good happens or something really good happens i happen to see her emails in my inbox and when i read it I realize new things about myself.
She is an amazing Coach, even though its not face to face, just by reading you'll know.
I would love to go to one of her seminars one day.

Article: Three Successful Characteristics for Slimming Down

Almost every single day, I tell my husband or someone close
to me, just how much I love coaching people. I love what
I do so much, that if I had all the money in the world,
I would still coach people to transform their bodies and lives.

One of the most miraculous events I observe as a coach is
witnessing the external and internal transformation people
enjoy as they find love for themselves, joy for their
smaller shape, and the new found pride for who they are.

There are three main characteristics that all my successful
clients, who slim down fast, share. These are all qualities
you can employ in your life to make your slimming
efforts even more effective:

1. Transformational self-talk. Most new clients come to
me with a war raging within their minds. A fierce battle
of fat thoughts, self-loathing words, and painful messages
that seem to keep them stuck. Not all clients face
negative self-talk, but majority do.

Shifting negative self-talk to more positive chatter,
is a must. You can’t become the beautiful and thin
person you desire most if your internal world is angry
and self-destructive. You have got to work on your
self-talk immediately. You need a plan of what to say
each time you say something negative. Turning your
thoughts around is essential or you will continue
to battle with the bulge. How on earth can you slim
down, when part of you is working against you? You can’t.

Change your language and your body will follow suit.

2. Dedication. Clients who soar, dedicate their time and
focus toward becoming naturally thin in all that they do.
They harness all the naturally thin principles as best
as they can. It’s not just something they “kinda-sorta”
want, it’s something they are completely dedicated to.
They are passionate about wanting the freedom to never
diet again and are focused on taking this soulful journey
each day, every day. The ultra-successful understand that
their extra we!ght is keeping them from enjoying too many
of life’s most precious gifts, which makes a massive impact
on their quality of life. This helps them to make slimming
down one of their top priorities. Dedication makes for
success and avoids disappointment.

Check in. How dedicated are you right now? That may be
the reason you either are or are not seeing the results
you desire.

3. Clients achieving slam-dunk results have fun. Together,
we laugh, we cry, we share and we create a bond that’s tight
and so much fun (ThinWithinU is all about connection too).
It’s fun to have the freedom to eat all the foods you desire,
it’s fun to honor your body and it’s fun to get to the bottom
of what’s been eating you. It may not be fun every second of
your transformation, but by-in-large if you keep a positive
attitude, you will forge ahead like a champ seeing incredible
results. Before you know it, woosh, you’re pants will be
falling off!

There you have it.
Talk to you all later!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It depends

I just want to say I'm so sorry to all my readers, since i haven't been posting as often as i should.

I have no excuse except writers block.

I've actually been wanting to update and post but I can't think of anything to post about my journey.

well here is the update

There is progress with my perfect body.
Everything is going swell.
But I'm not loosing that much.
well, I'm not loosing at all.

here is a tip: If you feel bad about something you're doing, don't do it. STOP. and do something that makes you feel marvelous.

Since its my summer break for about a month, I have time.
Everyone might say, "Its her summer break, she's going to exercise, go on a diet, fast since its Ramadan"

In my perfect body, I would only go jogging occasionally, or when i feel like it
[Note the word "Feel Like It", let me rephrase that, "Like the feeling of it", this means Inspiration, Excitement. I feel I want to go jogging because I like the feeling of it AT TIMES]

I take jogging as a hobby, as i take dancing
I don't dance ALL the time do I?

I don't go on diets.
I get completely insulted if someone says I'm on a diet.
Let me define my meaning of Dieting
Dieting - taking note of how many calories, fat, carbohydrates, etc taken in a day.
- exercising unwillingly
- Starvation

Since its Ramadan.
I only fasted once this Ramadan, as I did last Ramadan.
I lasted, but on the process, I felt terrible.
Head Ache
but i wasn't hungry (note: I'm talking about myself)

Gandma says "Nada fast to loose weight"
she suddenly says that so me and how do I react?
I get freaked out.
In my head "I don't feel like it"
That maybe some one else 's excuse aswell

The feeling when doing things is really important
ex. Your friends say "take money from your moms purse and we can go buy you a dress"
how would you feel?
Bad, obviously
You must ask yourself "What would I feel after I do this?"
you'll know

I don't feel like fasting because I'm pmsing and your not suppose to fast when your pmsing,
and because I dont like the feeling of stuffing my face at the end of the day.

Feelings are Important when making decisions and doing new things.
but you must always remember to think of the after, not that now.

My perfect body
I shall keep on going.
No deadline.
because I already have it.

Thank You for reading this ^.^

Hope You have a great day!

Friday, July 30, 2010

July 31 2010

It is now the 31st of July 2010. The date i set in where i would succeed in my weight loss journey.

Some of you might say, "she didnt do it" but i say i did. I might have not lost as much as I hoped but I did lose. Some of you might say " you lost 2kg in 7 months" Nope i did not. I lost 2 kg in just 2 weeks. the past 7 months haven't been going so well as i hoped, due to my emotions going up and down, and my thoughts colliding with them.

So in conclusion to this short entry of July 31 2010
I have lost 2kg in 2 weeks. for the month of July. and I am now 83kg and I'm very happy about it!

I would like to say Happy Birthday Nao! who is now 30.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not my first encounter

The feeling of being thin, having the life you've always wanted, feels utterly wonderful!

then when you check if there are any results,
and no results show, but in fact it got worse.
I checked my weight today, and instead of loosing alittle, i gained another kilo.
this feeling makes me want to hit myself and make me wear loose clothes, and eat whatever i want whenever i want. its the feeling of being so fat that no one can stop it because of how much it hurts.
it also makes me wonder if I'm meant to stay this way.

but no. I'm not going to stop there, this is not my first encounter with this feeling, i have gotten over it, and looked to the bright side of it.
the bright side of this is "ok sure, i'm this way, it gives me a reason to say, " I've been on a weight loss journey and i succeeded"" after this journey i want to help others with theirs.

so therefore, I will keep on going, *sings going!*
The purpose of this blog post is to vent ! ^o^

Sunday, June 27, 2010

No Matter

No matter what it is.
I will keep on going

Keep on Going

The reasons why we some times fail when trying to get the things we want is because of our emotions.
These emotions come from the things you do and think of.
Remember that what ever comes to you, you've attracted.
it doesnt matter if its a cat, dog or a fly. you've attracted it.

I know that you want many things. I want many things too.
one of which is to loose weight.

I saw my weight on January and it was the same as now.
nothing has changed.
now that....that just brings me down even more.
Its already been 6 months.
and absolutely nothing has happened.

but then. i found a way. Something that i haven't been doing for the past 6 months of trying to loose weight.
is to ACT!

act is one of the major ways to get what you want. ACT!
act as it if you already have it...

So what I'm doing on my weight loss...
I'm not going to start again, and I'm not going to end.
I'm just going to keep on Going. no matter what happens i will keep on going until i reach my goal. Even though i feel as if its not working, I'll keep in mind that if one person can do it with nothing then I want to be that person who does it. I want to tell everyone my weight loss journey, on how I just went on with my life and lost all I needed to loose.

I watch the nanny. Fran.
She has marvelous curly hair, great hips, and she is left handed.
I have curly hair that im still on the edge of figure it out. I have hips, and curves, and I'm left handed.
I take some of her aspects to create my perfect life.


I also use to watch Ugly Betty
Betty. She has frizzy hair, glasses and braces.
I have slightly fixed the frizzy-ness of my hair, i have glasses but i'm not going to get braces.
At the end of the show. Betty turned from an Ugly ducking into a Swan.
Betty got thinner, took off her braces, and got new glasses. I was so proud of her.
I want to be like her.
She looked good and became very successful as the co-founder of a magazine in London.


I started acting as how i would act if i was in my perfect body.
> I walk differently. I walk as how naturally thin people walk. Straight and Confident.

> I eat differently. I only eat when im hungry and stop when im slightly full. I never get stuffed because it makes me feel bad. ( i hate being stuffed sometimes, i feel terrible )

> The way i look at myself. I get up in the morning saying Thank you. and look at myself in the mirror. I can not believe it but i look good when i wake up in the morning. My hair might be tangled but it looks good. its not big and bulky like before. My body looks marvelous. and then I smile at myself in the mirror, saying THANK YOU!

> The way i put my clothes on. I have a REALLY THIN sister. so i know how thin people put clothes on. I put it on like a naturally thin person. My pants, my pants is always the problem. I'm a size 34, but it still seems tight around the thigh area. but i make it work by telling myself that its always too big on me. It might be lying to yourself but it will become true. The way i wear my pants isnt above my stomach anymore. Its below. I've noticed that naturally thin people do not wear their jeans about their stomach, they wear it below. So i started wearing it below my belly, to show off how much fat i have on it. I might sometimes feel very cautious, but then gain up confidence, and say to myself "Say all you want, this is my body, and i'll get more out it then you will xD"

No matter what it is. not matter how many times you fail.
Just keep on going, because you wont regret it.

Think of your perfect life,
then live it...

I also suggest reading "Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella"
this is one book that really inspired me. and its hilarious too
4thumbs up because i only have 4 thumbs.! xD

You will have your way!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

How to Use "The Secret" for Perfect Health

  1. Step 1

Use your imagination and believe you are in perfect health. Imagine how a healthy body would feel and hold onto such feelings. Recall a past time when you were in good health or picture yourself as strong, energetic and pain free.

  1. Step 2

Get a clear picture of what you want to look like. Cut out pictures of people with healthy bodies and put them in a place where you will see them each day. Such photographs carry positive energy that will increase your attraction to wellness.

  1. Step 3

Write down several positive affirmations about your health. For example: "I am getting healthier everyday," or "My body is slender, strong and full of energy." Then spend 10 to 20 minutes each day meditating on these positive affirmations.

  1. Step 4

Find the things that inspire you and experience them frequently. When you feel joy, the Law of Attraction will bring more joyful energy into your life. Go for long walks in nature or listen to inspiring music. Anything that makes you feel calm and at peace will do wonders for your body.

  1. Step 5

Let go of negative emotions. Holding onto anger, resentment or fear will eventually manifest itself as sickness. If your emotions are deep seated, consult a counselor or psychiatrist to help you work through them.

Taken from

i use researching for more inspiration since i wasnt much inspired that i was a few months ago!
ehow has everything O.O

Friday, May 14, 2010

Yoga for a week

I went on the scale this morning
and it looks like nothing happened
but I'm going to keep on going.

I have decided to do yoga for a week
and at the end of the week (may 21 2010) I shall check the difference of my body and weight before and after.

Every day after uni. Spend atleast 60 minutes doing yoga, maybe after a shower.
that would be good !
it would also make me more flexible then i usually am.
thank you so much universe for bringing back this idea into my head

thank you

Doing yoga atleast 30 minutes a week is good for you!

here is the link to where i am learning
Yoga weight loss
if you can to do it with me please do!

thank you! ^O^

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Think Thin for a week

I admit! for the WHOLE week! i havn't exactly been thinking thin. just for a few days!
i've been dancing, walking.
but been doing a lot of dancing!
and have fun doing them.

and my end result is still the same
and i found out that i cant digest properly! =.=
but i am working on it! looking for ways to bring it back.
but what i know... is that cucumber sort of works! for a day! thats it

Today is the start of my weight loss 10 day consistency challenge
Sharon gave me the idea , but she's doing 25 days
i want to finish on the 14th because it seems lucky for me

start weight. 83

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diet dont work - Thinking thin does

I recently youtube'd THINK THIN, since i've been addicted to youtube for a week now! ^^;
and i found a Diet dont wok - thinking thin does (link provided above) by thinwithin
it really gave me inspiration to do more! and since i've fallen slightly off balance, i want to do more.
not only did this video inspired me but a comment

dtonaz1979 The part where you talk about the diet backlash is and binge eating is due to the law of attraction. if you say I don't want those foods or i cant eat those foods then you will get those cravings and fail, if you say to your self i want healthy foods and think about healthy choices then your body and mind will crave them- coming from a junkfood junky- i've lost 10lbs in a week by changing my thought process... do you control your mind or does it control you?

this person lost 10lbs in one week

i shall experiment for a week starting tonight

1. Write down WHY you want to loose weight
a. to feel good about myself
b. to try on many things and not feel worried bout ripping them
c. to not be judged on size
d. to have an easy time finding clothes
e. to do many things and not be embarrassed of doing them.
now lets turn that into positive present tense
a. i feel good about myself
b. I try on many things and they fit me perfectly
c. I am now just one of you but cooler!
d. I have an easy time finding new clothes
e. I do all kind of things and feel confident when doing them

2. Now close your eyes and take a deep breathe, then feel what you've just written down.

3. ACT! act as if you are in that position of having it already.

and my favorite line... do it while having fun!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

In 8 days

My last weight check was 8 days ago. 20th of march 2010

i just check my weight randomly, and when ever i feel like checking i check.
exactly what i will do when i get my to my perfect weight and have my perfect body

today's check is 82kg
in 8 days!

this didnt surprised me so much due to the amount of activities going on.

thank you so much!

may all good come to you!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

not for long

it is March 20th 2010...3months since i started my weight loss journey.

and i started with 84kg
nothing came to me, just a few opportunities that lasted only a week.
thats one reason why im still the same.
the other is because of the amount of stress that i have because of uni.
im still learning to work hard and have fun at the same time, because i know it will be much easier for me to deal with things.

now that i have a dog, i can have fun with it, but since i got him, i've had this bad, guilty feeling in me that causes more stress and bad mood swings. I can't get rid of him so i try to have fun and ignore that feeling. I bought him so that i can have a companion when ever i feel left out. but his not staying in the same house as me( parents) so it wont be able to work out that way. but i know some good will.

My weight now is now 83 kg
thats actually great news
make small things a big deal and you'll get more of it

thank you thank you thank you

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

water diet

I am currently staring my water diet for 2 weeks.

those of you who want to experiment with me. join me!

start: March 3 2010
finish: March 17 2010
Starting weight: 84kg
Finishing weight: soon to come!

Good luck!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

do something you love

I've been saying this constantly

do something you love to do.
but that thing must have something to do with what you want

dancing, playing tennis, volleyball, football, soccer.
have fun

walk around with friends.
sing along to songs and start jumping and dancing around
dance up the stairs while listening to music

have fun doing them


Realizing who your really are is important
realizing the fact that your over weight I'm sure makes you feel REALLY BAD about yourself, you feel like you want to kill yourself because of how you look and how heavy you are compared to other people.
you should also realize that you can also lose weight and become slim and sexy.
once you realize those things you start conjuring up these ideas in your head that YOU know that when you do them, you'll loose a ton of weight.
You thought about it.
You add it into your schedule
but will you really do them

do something really fun.
even before you act on them
you already feel excited and you can't wait.

for me.
i realized that i can loose weight easily.
and you can to...

while i was practicing for a show last year,
my partner said to me "Nada, you're loosing weight REALLY fast"
when he said that to me i felt grateful, and it gave me even more motivation.
i was happy.

then i suddenly stopped and started hanging out with people that really pisses me off
mostly people who made me feel really bad about myself. and they bring out a really bad aura.

i lost motivation
but then got it back after i watched the secret AGAIN.

you see, having motivation then loosing it then getting it back
it not a good thing
trust me
the universe will get confused in what you really want.
you must have full motivation in yourself
and don't mind what other people think
its not what day think its what you think.
and never compare yourself to anyone.

have motivation
know that you have it
know that you can loose weight easily
i know that you can.
and once you reach your goal, you'll stay there

Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Progress at all but...

I changed my weight this morning.
and still the same as its always been since last month; the beginning of the year.

I still haven't come across any opportunities that i feel happy doing.

But I will not give up.
I know I'm really close to something.
I still believe.
I might be depressed for a little while but its just a phase.
it will pass...

those of you, whom when ever check their weight and saw something you didn't want to see, then feel so depressed or sad afterwords, I'm telling you, its not good to feel this way. You don't want to feel this way, why? because your attracting more of it to you.
you all must hope, that you will reach your goal.

even though nothing interesting came up until now, it will come.
you need to weight.

just remember that the universe if creating your future for you, and you are helping it by putting your interests, your likes, whatever makes you happy, into your future.
if you feel depressed, hatred, or any of those bad feelings you'll be attracting those feelings to your future.

feel good and happy all the time and you'll have a bright happy future.

thank you!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Change every action

Our main goal right now is to loss as much weight as possible to be come 50kg, by July 31 2010.

I've said before to do things that make you feel good, do things that make you feel happy, and not make you feel disgusting or tired. You want to feel tired but Happy and good. You need to do things that when you feel tired, you rest for a while, and you would want to get up and do it again because you enjoy doing that.

When you move, like, when you go to the bathroom, you hold on to the knob, push it down or twist it, to open the door, right?
Instead of seeing yourself NOW opening that door, see yourself in your PERFECT body, opening the door. See how you want your hand to look like when your opening that door, see how you look like when you walk in the bathroom to brush your teeth or take a shower.
The Secret says "act as if its already yours"
and you are acting as if it is already yours, you are acting that you have your perfect body, and that you are your perfect weight.

Once you act on this,
You will notice some things changing, some more opportunities coming your way to your perfect body and weight, like the sports clubs just opened up, or a friend want to go walking with you, or you suddenly decided to go swimming. any of those things.

and one more thing, Don't do things you don't want to do.
Do things that you WANT to do, and that seem fun or exciting for you.

Thank you!

Successful Weight loss Vision Board

This is my successful weigh loss vision board

I have to decided to make a vision board for each category of what i want
> laptop
> phone...etc
> see the world
> finding a great job
> getting great income
Weight loss
> weightloss

You can do it too.
Just find pictures of what you want and edit them on photoshop.
then put is as your desktop background.
and when ever you minimize you browsers, Itunes, yahoo, msn.
you will see it.

Thank you!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Secret to Teen Power

Here it is

I'm guessing its the trailer for the book

I started reading it, and I'm already half way through.
Its very much like the secret, but in teen language if you know what I mean.
reading it, refreshes my mind.
It re-tells me what I want to do, and what I have to do to get it.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Went shopping

I went shopping with my sister and her boyfriend yesterday, because I really needed new clothes.

When we arrived at the mall, I started to feel nervous, because I didn't really know what to buy. I didn't know what kind of clothes I wanted. But for some reason I was hyper.

We went in the first store, I couldn't find anything, my mind felt scrambled. we went in the second store, i still couldn't find anything, then i went into the stationary section, of the store, since the store was HUGE. As i was walking through the book and notebooks, and other stationary equipment, I had a thought, 'The Secret to Teens' book was out and my cousin already got it, I walked out of the store in a hurry to the Virgin book store, and started to search for it. As soon as i found it i went straight to the counter, paid and started reading.
My thought was that the book was out and that I could help me with what i wanted.
I read a few pages, and I re-inspired.

We went to a few stores and I found a shirt, I looked for a size medium. I went and paid. I didn't even bother trying it on.
Then went in another store, looking for a coat for some reason, and some boots, I went in. I found the jacket for 8bd and the BOOTS FOR 4.600BD!
I was fussing in which one to get. I found one, but it wasn't my perfect size, it was bigger.
but i bought it anyways, since i've wanted those kind of shoes for ages now, and now I found them for a low price and good quality.

I got what i wanted.
because i had hope.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Friday, 12, February, 2010

My last weighing of this week.


still no progress has been made.

next weigh, will be on the 26th of February. Which is 2 weeks from now.

Good Luck to me!
Believe in me!
Thank you so much!

Every two week weight check

My cousin told me not to obsessed about getting on the scale.

When she told me that, I realized that I am kind of obsessed about getting on the scale every week.
I would always think of getting on the scale every week and loosing weight.

Some people check their weight every month or 2 weeks.

I realized that checking it every week, makes me conscious of how much I weigh, which is how I feel most of the time. I check it constantly just to see if I've lost weight.
I've decided to check it every 2 weeks from now on.

On the process of weight loss in using the Law of attraction, you will see a lot of changes in you emotions, your body, and your everyday life. Some times you have this instinct of eating random fruits everyday or drinking a lot of water, or maybe even doing a bit of sports now and then. Once you have those thoughts, you act on them and make them into reality, putting those activities in your daily schedule.

Once things have changed you'll look back and say, thank you! I know believe.

Thursday, February 11, 2010


I have been given an opportunity to Perform a dance for a program at the university that i go to.

I took this opportunity as the Universe working on my body, I am helping the universe by acting on that opportunity.

Thank you universe!
I am truly grateful!

I shall start on the music, then the steps.



Its friday. and Every Friday, I check how much I've lost in a week.
and so far, non.
I am still the same weight since the beginning of the year.

No progress has been made sadly.

BUT! I'm not going to give up.

believe in me!
Thank you

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Recovering my negative thoughts

today i got my exam results. Well actually this past week, we got them. Some I was proud of and some I wasn't.
One of the most easiest subjects, I was the lowest among the group. I felt so depressed, all the negative thoughts and feelings came to me, because I knew I was the lowest, and I didn't want to.
My way of tuning my negative thoughts into positive ones is to fine the opposite of it.
like for example, "I have the lowest grade in the group" turn it into positive "I can have the highest grade in the group in all subjects"
I write down my thoughts, in when ever I feel so sad, and depressed, my sentence always begin with "Its ok its ok its ok" because it is, its not the end of the world and you're not going to die tomorrow, so there is no need to worry. This is today's feeling, tomorrow's feeling will be different.
If you don't like the feeling of negativity, the feeling of disappointment, the feelings of sadness and anger, change it. Change it into a positive one.

-> Think of the opposite of your negative thoughts.
-> Write them down, write all the things down that make you feel good.
-> write down, what things you can do to turn that negative feeling/thought turn into good and positive one.
-> feel grateful, and try your best

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make it believable for you

This morning I went into my sister's room to wake her up for uni, and her laptop was playing THE SECRET.
I was watching it while trying to wake her up and I was amazed at what I just realized. When I heard one of the teachers who appeared in the movie the secret, they said "Do the things that you think is believable for you"
and I realized that they way I felt about becoming 50kg by my birthday which was April 4, I didn't feel certain that I was going to loose that much in less than six months. Something inside me believes that I can't loose so much in less than six months. So my face stayed put for a few minutes calculating how much time do I believe I need to become my perfect weight and have my perfect body.
I have this obsession to Japanese music, so I decided to set a date, on July 31st 2010, the birthday of one of my favorite Jrockers. When I had that thought in my head, "SIX MONTHS" i thought, "six months! WAW! I know I can do it in SIX months!" I felt positive and i believe that i can achieve it in six months.

it is now my goal to become my 50kg and have my perfect body in Six months.

Make it believable for you.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Love youself~

You must love yourself to get your body

that's what i learned.

I've always been abusing my body saying "GOD! my thighs are too big! why can't you be smaller so I can cross by legs?" or "STUPID boobs, you're in the way of my pretty dress"
when ever i would say those things i got hurt, i got so angry that i wanted to break down and cry.
but then when i say those things, i am attracting more of those things than letting them go.

Watch the things you say to yourself or when your expressing yourself to others; you have a conversation with you friend, you're talking about funny random things about this person, then you say "I could squish him!" or "I think i would be in his way" if you didn't realize it, you are abusing your body.
I am still currently trying to get use to saying "of course we both can fit, no problem"
I'm so use to saying fat words and sentences because I have been over weight for most of my life and I'm only 15.

You must love yourself to get your perfect body
say things like
" im so happy i have you body"
" weeee, i look to pretty in this outfit"
start to compliment your own body
and not only will PEOPLE start to compliment it as well, you will start to feel good about yourself and start to have motivation to start eating healthy and exercising.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Others Think

People would always tell me for years now,
"Nada loose weight" "Nada your too fat to fit in this dress, get a bigger one" "Nada how can you loose weight when your just sitting there" "we bought you a tredmil for nothing"
most of these things were said by the people who are close to me.

There are times when I feel as if some of the people who are close to me, don't want to be close with me, I feel as if their embarrassed to be seen around with me. I use to feel so closed about myself because I was bigger than everyone. But that was before. Now I feel more confident about myself.
When people say "Nada your too big!"
I know I'll be hurt, but then I would say to myself 'Who cares what you think!' then I would smile happily at the person and say "Thank you!" then walk away with shinning blue aura around me.

It doesn't matter what others think,
even if they say:
"You can't loose 10kg in just a few weeks" or
"You can't just learn a language in 2 days"
it doesn't matter what day think, It matters what you think, it matters on what you believe, If you believe that you can loose 10kg in just a few weeks, than you can.

we can do anything we want if you believe, and act.
Don't listen if people say negative things about you.
Let them be.
Listen to yourself and what you believe, and you will receive

Friday, February 5, 2010

What I've been doing lately

If you're all wondering what I've been doing lately,

well i finished my prelims on Thursday so I'm totally free, until midterms.
during the week of my prelims, I've studied but when I was done, I've done nothing but feel grateful, believe, feel the feelings of already being my perfect weight, I saw myself getting on that scale, looking down and saw that the red arrow was right on the 50, I felt excited, I felt so happy.

But then, before I would check, I would think about how much I actually weigh, I felt scared and I thought i would regret checking it, I would feel bad to see how much i still weighed. Whenever I would see that my current weight hasn't changed, I felt so bad, I felt depressed, but I tried my best to cheer myself up again, and so I did, by thinking of my perfect weight, thinking of me living in my perfect body, I thought of getting lifted by almost everyone I knew, I thought of them saying "WaW, Nada your so light", as i was thinking of those thoughts I would feel grateful, I would feel excited, I felt so happy.

No matter what I do, I will never give up.

right after my exams, we went over my sisters apartment, but I didn't really want to go, since I was tired and wanted to go home, but then I thought, 'maybe this is the universe telling me to go', every time we would go over my sisters apartment, she would always make us clean, and move stuff around for her, since her house isn't completely organized. I knew that she would make us move things around, so I took the offer as the universe offered it to me.
I decided to take any offer in which I know that will help me take a step forward to what I want.

We did move things around, we cleaned up a little and it became more organized, I felt happy that what I did was for a good cause, I did feel tired but then happy and proud of myself.

The next day I've decided to dance again. I've grown interest of Hula dancing, I tried it and realized that it was pretty hard, but I had fun, even if I'm alone in my room, I would laugh at myself because I couldn't get the right step. I might be crazy laughing at myself but I felt good, happy, joyful. I was smiling. After my attempt of Hula dancing, I decided to relearn what I learned before. Kat tun dance moves. I re-watched their videos, and relearned everything, but they weren't perfect, but I had fun. I did it over and over again, because I couldn't get some parts right. It was joyful even though I was alone. After all that, I wasn't really tired, I wanted to do more, so I just put on Kat tun's new song D-motion, and started to dance to it. I watched their performance at Music Station Japan, and decided to copy a few steps, then feel proud of myself when I got them.

I got hungry, but saw that there was nothing in the fridge, so I called out to my mom. "MOM IM HUNGRY!" in a hyper playful tone. "Go eat apples, its good for you" she replied. I thought 'Apples sound nice', when I thought of apples i felt a warm breeze inside me. When I got 2 apples out of the fridge and started cutting them, I felt good and healthy, even if i didn't put them in my mouth yet, but when I did, I felt even better. I felt so healthy that I wanted to eat more. I forgot that apples taste so good, and made me feel healthy. But i couldn't finish it for some reason.

I do things that make me happy and feel good about myself, like dancing and moving around for a good cause, doing things that you know are for a good cause, and knowing that you want to do them.
I eat things that make me feel good and healthy.
I realized that eating fruits makes me feel healthy and warm inside, they make me feel good about myself, unlike when I eat mc donald's or other greasy foods make me feel oily and weird inside, even though they taste really good, they don't make me feel as good on the inside. I still eat these foods but I only focus on the taste.
You can eat what ever you want, Food is your friend.
Do things you want to do, and that make you feel good. Know that what your doing is going to take you a step forward to your goal.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do things that make you feel good

Not so long ago...
Lets make it specific
After i graduated high school, before I went to be a one time choreographer. I traveled for vacation just for a month, when I got back, Apparently I got fatter due to the amount of insults I got from my relatives about being fat. They brought me down to the fact that I desperately wanted to go back home, and I became fully depressed for the rest of the vacation. When I returned back to Bahrain, weeks later, I decided to check out this Japanese pop group that was one of my favorites, since I haven't seen them since December 08. I typed down on youtube "KAT-TUN" then saw that they had new videos up. I decided to check them out. I was amazed by the dance moves that they did. After multiple times of watching the video over and over again. I tried to copy it; I was best known as a copy cat back then, and I can easily copy dance moves and guitar movements but they aren't as perfect, I did that, and my copy cat skills came in handy, I copied their dance moves and guess what? after a week of dancing to the songs, having a great time learning the dance moves, I looked thinner. One of my close cousins said "Nada your getting thinner! how much do you weigh?" I felt touched and happy inside me. "Thank you" i said "I don't know how much I weighed, I'm too scared to check" I smiled. My fear of checking my weight didn't matter to me that time. I didn't care how much I weighed, I just wanted to look good.
I looked for more dance videos to copy, until it became my hobby mostly everyday for about a few months. One of my best friends came over and I decided to teach her the dance moves that I learned in the past months, she was impressed by what I know in dancing. Days later I got an offer from her asking if I can be one of the choreographers for their next show.

I have attracted being a one time choreographer and loosing so much weight in the amount of months without realizing it. But my false move that time was I didn't know how much I lost.
I just did one thing that I loved to do and didn't realize that I attracted being a one time choreography just by doing something I love.
Even though it was one time, it was an experience.

Here is a note to everyone:
Do things you love to and things that make you feel good.
Write what you want down; ask; act as if its yours; feel the feelings of you having it; be grateful; do things that make you feel good and results will come.

right now, mostly everyday now, I dance to random songs even though if I feel so embarrassed of doing it, I think of the future me, having my perfect body, being my perfect weight. I know I am attracting something good to me just by feeling the feelings of having it and doing things that make me feel good.

I would like to give all my thanks to KAT-TUN for helping me start it all, you always make me smile. ^O^

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today my brother and Grandma called me fat.

I felt so bad after they said that.
my brother said to me during lunch "tambok!" [tambok meaning fat in ilonggo; my moms province dialect] then pointed his eyes at me. I hit him subconsciously, and then tried to calm myself down by grabbing the rice and putting it on my plate.
after eating I got up and put my plate in the kitchen, but grandma was there. as i was walking to the sink she slapped my butt, i looked back in shock, she said "you dont go walking nada? you should go? its good for you" i knew was she was saying since she didnt know much english. I smiled and nodded my head then walked off, angry, trying to calm myself down with all good thoughts.

i sat back down feeling back and continued studying and just getting my mind off what their saying i thought of me getting on the scaled and seeing than I am 50kg and full of joy.

To all the people who have trouble when people are calling you fat or names because your fat. It might hurt, but then walk off, or listen to some music, think happy thoughts, think of yourself in your perfect body and weight, imagine yourself living the life with your perfect body and weight. Those people will regret saying those things to you, i promise.

I've noticed that i grew like this because of what people call me in the past, when i was a child.
one scene would be when we were all going to visit my grand ma and grand pa's newly built house. We had a big van, all my cousins came, and went in the van, my sisters and younger brother as well. As I waited for someone to say "Come here Nada", instead they said "Opps sorry Nada no space, your too fat" and i was about 5-6years old that time. I was so hurt that I ran back inside the house crying to my mom.
That scene in mylife has caused me to be like this, and only that scene but others as well. I kept those moments in my mind, i hated them.

but now, I must forgive and forget. I have forgiven my cousins and siblings and thanked the universe for them being in my life, and I might recall that scene from time to time but then be grateful that, it was an experience to tell to my children.
Don't treat old bad memories with hatred, treat them as old somewhat memorable memories, be grateful for that unusual experience.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Journey

Hello everyone,
I have decided to make a blog on how my life has changed and how i want it to change by using the Secret [Law of attraction]

First of all,
I am Nada, 15 years old, currently attending AMA university. I'm turning 16 this year and by that time I'll be on my 3rd Trimester on my 1st year of university.
My Goal for years now has been to lose weight.

I first found out about the secret 2 years ago...while i was still in highschool.
I decided to try it on my weight. For a few months nothing really happened, but months after my graduation, I was offered a job as a dance choreographer for this program that was coming up. I was really close with the boss, and her daughter was one of my best friends. So we did it together. That time i was so afraid of checking how much I weigh so i didn't know. Months pass, and I've noticed that I looked thinner. I knew that I've lost weight but I do not know how much I've lost, I was too scared. After the show ended, months later i gained it all back, I looked slightly bigger.
So i decided to go Jogging every weekend.
i did that but it still wouldn't work. because i didnt check out much i weighed so i didn't know if i was loosing or gaining.

now, it is the beginning to 2010, January is almost over.
and i weight myself on the 22nd of January 2010. and i was 184lbs, 84kg. I wasn't surprised. I did feel sad, but i tried to bring all positive things to me just to make me feel better again. My goal is to be 110lbs, 50kg.

Now, i have decided to put my thoughts in alignment with what i want.
i feel the feelings of having it right now.
I want to take it step my step.

So join me in my journey