Monday, September 27, 2010

fear isnt anything.

I dont get my weight...

I just wont really go down...
something is wrong...
must fix it.


this this on top here, might sound like something random but its not.
Read it again.

Must fix it!
i found out something is wrong with my weight. since i'm no this journey.
I must fix it
in other words i must not give up.
no matter what
because i see myself as who i want to be so clearly i would do anything.

I thought i would update my blog today because, i officially forgot to check my weight. this week, so i checked it today and i gained about .5kg which doesnt really suck, its normal.
but i would appreciate it if my weight would just stay and go lower!

In my perfect body, I wouldn't be checking my weight everyweek.
I would be checking it every 2 weeks or so.
but when i think about it. My heart gets scared, i dont even want to change it.
but thats change.
its the fear we have to get through and the end result we have to feel great about.

as long as i can conquer my fear i can go to where i'm suppose to be.
and feel grate about it.

To all my readers out there
Fear isn't anything its something in life that we have to get through
so enjoy it while it lasts
and if you get to freaked. RUN!

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