Thursday, February 25, 2010

No Progress at all but...

I changed my weight this morning.
and still the same as its always been since last month; the beginning of the year.

I still haven't come across any opportunities that i feel happy doing.

But I will not give up.
I know I'm really close to something.
I still believe.
I might be depressed for a little while but its just a phase.
it will pass...

those of you, whom when ever check their weight and saw something you didn't want to see, then feel so depressed or sad afterwords, I'm telling you, its not good to feel this way. You don't want to feel this way, why? because your attracting more of it to you.
you all must hope, that you will reach your goal.

even though nothing interesting came up until now, it will come.
you need to weight.

just remember that the universe if creating your future for you, and you are helping it by putting your interests, your likes, whatever makes you happy, into your future.
if you feel depressed, hatred, or any of those bad feelings you'll be attracting those feelings to your future.

feel good and happy all the time and you'll have a bright happy future.

thank you!

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