Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do things that make you feel good

Not so long ago...
Lets make it specific
After i graduated high school, before I went to be a one time choreographer. I traveled for vacation just for a month, when I got back, Apparently I got fatter due to the amount of insults I got from my relatives about being fat. They brought me down to the fact that I desperately wanted to go back home, and I became fully depressed for the rest of the vacation. When I returned back to Bahrain, weeks later, I decided to check out this Japanese pop group that was one of my favorites, since I haven't seen them since December 08. I typed down on youtube "KAT-TUN" then saw that they had new videos up. I decided to check them out. I was amazed by the dance moves that they did. After multiple times of watching the video over and over again. I tried to copy it; I was best known as a copy cat back then, and I can easily copy dance moves and guitar movements but they aren't as perfect, I did that, and my copy cat skills came in handy, I copied their dance moves and guess what? after a week of dancing to the songs, having a great time learning the dance moves, I looked thinner. One of my close cousins said "Nada your getting thinner! how much do you weigh?" I felt touched and happy inside me. "Thank you" i said "I don't know how much I weighed, I'm too scared to check" I smiled. My fear of checking my weight didn't matter to me that time. I didn't care how much I weighed, I just wanted to look good.
I looked for more dance videos to copy, until it became my hobby mostly everyday for about a few months. One of my best friends came over and I decided to teach her the dance moves that I learned in the past months, she was impressed by what I know in dancing. Days later I got an offer from her asking if I can be one of the choreographers for their next show.

I have attracted being a one time choreographer and loosing so much weight in the amount of months without realizing it. But my false move that time was I didn't know how much I lost.
I just did one thing that I loved to do and didn't realize that I attracted being a one time choreography just by doing something I love.
Even though it was one time, it was an experience.

Here is a note to everyone:
Do things you love to and things that make you feel good.
Write what you want down; ask; act as if its yours; feel the feelings of you having it; be grateful; do things that make you feel good and results will come.

right now, mostly everyday now, I dance to random songs even though if I feel so embarrassed of doing it, I think of the future me, having my perfect body, being my perfect weight. I know I am attracting something good to me just by feeling the feelings of having it and doing things that make me feel good.

I would like to give all my thanks to KAT-TUN for helping me start it all, you always make me smile. ^O^

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