Saturday, February 27, 2010


Realizing who your really are is important
realizing the fact that your over weight I'm sure makes you feel REALLY BAD about yourself, you feel like you want to kill yourself because of how you look and how heavy you are compared to other people.
you should also realize that you can also lose weight and become slim and sexy.
once you realize those things you start conjuring up these ideas in your head that YOU know that when you do them, you'll loose a ton of weight.
You thought about it.
You add it into your schedule
but will you really do them

do something really fun.
even before you act on them
you already feel excited and you can't wait.

for me.
i realized that i can loose weight easily.
and you can to...

while i was practicing for a show last year,
my partner said to me "Nada, you're loosing weight REALLY fast"
when he said that to me i felt grateful, and it gave me even more motivation.
i was happy.

then i suddenly stopped and started hanging out with people that really pisses me off
mostly people who made me feel really bad about myself. and they bring out a really bad aura.

i lost motivation
but then got it back after i watched the secret AGAIN.

you see, having motivation then loosing it then getting it back
it not a good thing
trust me
the universe will get confused in what you really want.
you must have full motivation in yourself
and don't mind what other people think
its not what day think its what you think.
and never compare yourself to anyone.

have motivation
know that you have it
know that you can loose weight easily
i know that you can.
and once you reach your goal, you'll stay there

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