Monday, February 8, 2010

Love youself~

You must love yourself to get your body

that's what i learned.

I've always been abusing my body saying "GOD! my thighs are too big! why can't you be smaller so I can cross by legs?" or "STUPID boobs, you're in the way of my pretty dress"
when ever i would say those things i got hurt, i got so angry that i wanted to break down and cry.
but then when i say those things, i am attracting more of those things than letting them go.

Watch the things you say to yourself or when your expressing yourself to others; you have a conversation with you friend, you're talking about funny random things about this person, then you say "I could squish him!" or "I think i would be in his way" if you didn't realize it, you are abusing your body.
I am still currently trying to get use to saying "of course we both can fit, no problem"
I'm so use to saying fat words and sentences because I have been over weight for most of my life and I'm only 15.

You must love yourself to get your perfect body
say things like
" im so happy i have you body"
" weeee, i look to pretty in this outfit"
start to compliment your own body
and not only will PEOPLE start to compliment it as well, you will start to feel good about yourself and start to have motivation to start eating healthy and exercising.

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