Monday, August 30, 2010

3 Success Secrets by Marna Thall

Marna has helped me through everything
She helped me realize things i didn't know.
I found her site ThinWithinu a few months back, and each time nothing good happens or something really good happens i happen to see her emails in my inbox and when i read it I realize new things about myself.
She is an amazing Coach, even though its not face to face, just by reading you'll know.
I would love to go to one of her seminars one day.

Article: Three Successful Characteristics for Slimming Down

Almost every single day, I tell my husband or someone close
to me, just how much I love coaching people. I love what
I do so much, that if I had all the money in the world,
I would still coach people to transform their bodies and lives.

One of the most miraculous events I observe as a coach is
witnessing the external and internal transformation people
enjoy as they find love for themselves, joy for their
smaller shape, and the new found pride for who they are.

There are three main characteristics that all my successful
clients, who slim down fast, share. These are all qualities
you can employ in your life to make your slimming
efforts even more effective:

1. Transformational self-talk. Most new clients come to
me with a war raging within their minds. A fierce battle
of fat thoughts, self-loathing words, and painful messages
that seem to keep them stuck. Not all clients face
negative self-talk, but majority do.

Shifting negative self-talk to more positive chatter,
is a must. You can’t become the beautiful and thin
person you desire most if your internal world is angry
and self-destructive. You have got to work on your
self-talk immediately. You need a plan of what to say
each time you say something negative. Turning your
thoughts around is essential or you will continue
to battle with the bulge. How on earth can you slim
down, when part of you is working against you? You can’t.

Change your language and your body will follow suit.

2. Dedication. Clients who soar, dedicate their time and
focus toward becoming naturally thin in all that they do.
They harness all the naturally thin principles as best
as they can. It’s not just something they “kinda-sorta”
want, it’s something they are completely dedicated to.
They are passionate about wanting the freedom to never
diet again and are focused on taking this soulful journey
each day, every day. The ultra-successful understand that
their extra we!ght is keeping them from enjoying too many
of life’s most precious gifts, which makes a massive impact
on their quality of life. This helps them to make slimming
down one of their top priorities. Dedication makes for
success and avoids disappointment.

Check in. How dedicated are you right now? That may be
the reason you either are or are not seeing the results
you desire.

3. Clients achieving slam-dunk results have fun. Together,
we laugh, we cry, we share and we create a bond that’s tight
and so much fun (ThinWithinU is all about connection too).
It’s fun to have the freedom to eat all the foods you desire,
it’s fun to honor your body and it’s fun to get to the bottom
of what’s been eating you. It may not be fun every second of
your transformation, but by-in-large if you keep a positive
attitude, you will forge ahead like a champ seeing incredible
results. Before you know it, woosh, you’re pants will be
falling off!

There you have it.
Talk to you all later!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It depends

I just want to say I'm so sorry to all my readers, since i haven't been posting as often as i should.

I have no excuse except writers block.

I've actually been wanting to update and post but I can't think of anything to post about my journey.

well here is the update

There is progress with my perfect body.
Everything is going swell.
But I'm not loosing that much.
well, I'm not loosing at all.

here is a tip: If you feel bad about something you're doing, don't do it. STOP. and do something that makes you feel marvelous.

Since its my summer break for about a month, I have time.
Everyone might say, "Its her summer break, she's going to exercise, go on a diet, fast since its Ramadan"

In my perfect body, I would only go jogging occasionally, or when i feel like it
[Note the word "Feel Like It", let me rephrase that, "Like the feeling of it", this means Inspiration, Excitement. I feel I want to go jogging because I like the feeling of it AT TIMES]

I take jogging as a hobby, as i take dancing
I don't dance ALL the time do I?

I don't go on diets.
I get completely insulted if someone says I'm on a diet.
Let me define my meaning of Dieting
Dieting - taking note of how many calories, fat, carbohydrates, etc taken in a day.
- exercising unwillingly
- Starvation

Since its Ramadan.
I only fasted once this Ramadan, as I did last Ramadan.
I lasted, but on the process, I felt terrible.
Head Ache
but i wasn't hungry (note: I'm talking about myself)

Gandma says "Nada fast to loose weight"
she suddenly says that so me and how do I react?
I get freaked out.
In my head "I don't feel like it"
That maybe some one else 's excuse aswell

The feeling when doing things is really important
ex. Your friends say "take money from your moms purse and we can go buy you a dress"
how would you feel?
Bad, obviously
You must ask yourself "What would I feel after I do this?"
you'll know

I don't feel like fasting because I'm pmsing and your not suppose to fast when your pmsing,
and because I dont like the feeling of stuffing my face at the end of the day.

Feelings are Important when making decisions and doing new things.
but you must always remember to think of the after, not that now.

My perfect body
I shall keep on going.
No deadline.
because I already have it.

Thank You for reading this ^.^

Hope You have a great day!