Saturday, February 20, 2010

Change every action

Our main goal right now is to loss as much weight as possible to be come 50kg, by July 31 2010.

I've said before to do things that make you feel good, do things that make you feel happy, and not make you feel disgusting or tired. You want to feel tired but Happy and good. You need to do things that when you feel tired, you rest for a while, and you would want to get up and do it again because you enjoy doing that.

When you move, like, when you go to the bathroom, you hold on to the knob, push it down or twist it, to open the door, right?
Instead of seeing yourself NOW opening that door, see yourself in your PERFECT body, opening the door. See how you want your hand to look like when your opening that door, see how you look like when you walk in the bathroom to brush your teeth or take a shower.
The Secret says "act as if its already yours"
and you are acting as if it is already yours, you are acting that you have your perfect body, and that you are your perfect weight.

Once you act on this,
You will notice some things changing, some more opportunities coming your way to your perfect body and weight, like the sports clubs just opened up, or a friend want to go walking with you, or you suddenly decided to go swimming. any of those things.

and one more thing, Don't do things you don't want to do.
Do things that you WANT to do, and that seem fun or exciting for you.

Thank you!

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