Saturday, July 10, 2010

Not my first encounter

The feeling of being thin, having the life you've always wanted, feels utterly wonderful!

then when you check if there are any results,
and no results show, but in fact it got worse.
I checked my weight today, and instead of loosing alittle, i gained another kilo.
this feeling makes me want to hit myself and make me wear loose clothes, and eat whatever i want whenever i want. its the feeling of being so fat that no one can stop it because of how much it hurts.
it also makes me wonder if I'm meant to stay this way.

but no. I'm not going to stop there, this is not my first encounter with this feeling, i have gotten over it, and looked to the bright side of it.
the bright side of this is "ok sure, i'm this way, it gives me a reason to say, " I've been on a weight loss journey and i succeeded"" after this journey i want to help others with theirs.

so therefore, I will keep on going, *sings going!*
The purpose of this blog post is to vent ! ^o^

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