Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diet dont work - Thinking thin does

I recently youtube'd THINK THIN, since i've been addicted to youtube for a week now! ^^;
and i found a Diet dont wok - thinking thin does (link provided above) by thinwithin
it really gave me inspiration to do more! and since i've fallen slightly off balance, i want to do more.
not only did this video inspired me but a comment

dtonaz1979 The part where you talk about the diet backlash is and binge eating is due to the law of attraction. if you say I don't want those foods or i cant eat those foods then you will get those cravings and fail, if you say to your self i want healthy foods and think about healthy choices then your body and mind will crave them- coming from a junkfood junky- i've lost 10lbs in a week by changing my thought process... do you control your mind or does it control you?

this person lost 10lbs in one week

i shall experiment for a week starting tonight

1. Write down WHY you want to loose weight
a. to feel good about myself
b. to try on many things and not feel worried bout ripping them
c. to not be judged on size
d. to have an easy time finding clothes
e. to do many things and not be embarrassed of doing them.
now lets turn that into positive present tense
a. i feel good about myself
b. I try on many things and they fit me perfectly
c. I am now just one of you but cooler!
d. I have an easy time finding new clothes
e. I do all kind of things and feel confident when doing them

2. Now close your eyes and take a deep breathe, then feel what you've just written down.

3. ACT! act as if you are in that position of having it already.

and my favorite line... do it while having fun!


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