Saturday, February 6, 2010

What Others Think

People would always tell me for years now,
"Nada loose weight" "Nada your too fat to fit in this dress, get a bigger one" "Nada how can you loose weight when your just sitting there" "we bought you a tredmil for nothing"
most of these things were said by the people who are close to me.

There are times when I feel as if some of the people who are close to me, don't want to be close with me, I feel as if their embarrassed to be seen around with me. I use to feel so closed about myself because I was bigger than everyone. But that was before. Now I feel more confident about myself.
When people say "Nada your too big!"
I know I'll be hurt, but then I would say to myself 'Who cares what you think!' then I would smile happily at the person and say "Thank you!" then walk away with shinning blue aura around me.

It doesn't matter what others think,
even if they say:
"You can't loose 10kg in just a few weeks" or
"You can't just learn a language in 2 days"
it doesn't matter what day think, It matters what you think, it matters on what you believe, If you believe that you can loose 10kg in just a few weeks, than you can.

we can do anything we want if you believe, and act.
Don't listen if people say negative things about you.
Let them be.
Listen to yourself and what you believe, and you will receive

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