Saturday, December 4, 2010

A year is almost over.

Hello my readers.

I apologize for not blogging on this.
I just thought today would be the day I blog, after a very long time.

Its December now! HAPPY DECEMBER! which means the year is almost over, It's just a matter of weeks before 2011 starts.

well, my last weight check was today, and I am grateful for it. In the past month, i felt like i've lost so much. and I did.
Although I checked my weight every so often, I don't mind it, I just leave it be and think of myself in the future, as 50kg.

Keep your mind fixed on the end result of what you want.
whether it is a friend, a lover, or your body.
end result end result end result.
and don't forget to act.
Acting is one of my favorite things about the LOA.
Because it makes you and the universe believe that you actually have what you've always wanted.
Time doesn't matter. remember that.

Have a happy day!
Be grateful always
and SMILE! :D

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