Sunday, January 31, 2010

Do things that make you feel good

Not so long ago...
Lets make it specific
After i graduated high school, before I went to be a one time choreographer. I traveled for vacation just for a month, when I got back, Apparently I got fatter due to the amount of insults I got from my relatives about being fat. They brought me down to the fact that I desperately wanted to go back home, and I became fully depressed for the rest of the vacation. When I returned back to Bahrain, weeks later, I decided to check out this Japanese pop group that was one of my favorites, since I haven't seen them since December 08. I typed down on youtube "KAT-TUN" then saw that they had new videos up. I decided to check them out. I was amazed by the dance moves that they did. After multiple times of watching the video over and over again. I tried to copy it; I was best known as a copy cat back then, and I can easily copy dance moves and guitar movements but they aren't as perfect, I did that, and my copy cat skills came in handy, I copied their dance moves and guess what? after a week of dancing to the songs, having a great time learning the dance moves, I looked thinner. One of my close cousins said "Nada your getting thinner! how much do you weigh?" I felt touched and happy inside me. "Thank you" i said "I don't know how much I weighed, I'm too scared to check" I smiled. My fear of checking my weight didn't matter to me that time. I didn't care how much I weighed, I just wanted to look good.
I looked for more dance videos to copy, until it became my hobby mostly everyday for about a few months. One of my best friends came over and I decided to teach her the dance moves that I learned in the past months, she was impressed by what I know in dancing. Days later I got an offer from her asking if I can be one of the choreographers for their next show.

I have attracted being a one time choreographer and loosing so much weight in the amount of months without realizing it. But my false move that time was I didn't know how much I lost.
I just did one thing that I loved to do and didn't realize that I attracted being a one time choreography just by doing something I love.
Even though it was one time, it was an experience.

Here is a note to everyone:
Do things you love to and things that make you feel good.
Write what you want down; ask; act as if its yours; feel the feelings of you having it; be grateful; do things that make you feel good and results will come.

right now, mostly everyday now, I dance to random songs even though if I feel so embarrassed of doing it, I think of the future me, having my perfect body, being my perfect weight. I know I am attracting something good to me just by feeling the feelings of having it and doing things that make me feel good.

I would like to give all my thanks to KAT-TUN for helping me start it all, you always make me smile. ^O^

Saturday, January 30, 2010


Today my brother and Grandma called me fat.

I felt so bad after they said that.
my brother said to me during lunch "tambok!" [tambok meaning fat in ilonggo; my moms province dialect] then pointed his eyes at me. I hit him subconsciously, and then tried to calm myself down by grabbing the rice and putting it on my plate.
after eating I got up and put my plate in the kitchen, but grandma was there. as i was walking to the sink she slapped my butt, i looked back in shock, she said "you dont go walking nada? you should go? its good for you" i knew was she was saying since she didnt know much english. I smiled and nodded my head then walked off, angry, trying to calm myself down with all good thoughts.

i sat back down feeling back and continued studying and just getting my mind off what their saying i thought of me getting on the scaled and seeing than I am 50kg and full of joy.

To all the people who have trouble when people are calling you fat or names because your fat. It might hurt, but then walk off, or listen to some music, think happy thoughts, think of yourself in your perfect body and weight, imagine yourself living the life with your perfect body and weight. Those people will regret saying those things to you, i promise.

I've noticed that i grew like this because of what people call me in the past, when i was a child.
one scene would be when we were all going to visit my grand ma and grand pa's newly built house. We had a big van, all my cousins came, and went in the van, my sisters and younger brother as well. As I waited for someone to say "Come here Nada", instead they said "Opps sorry Nada no space, your too fat" and i was about 5-6years old that time. I was so hurt that I ran back inside the house crying to my mom.
That scene in mylife has caused me to be like this, and only that scene but others as well. I kept those moments in my mind, i hated them.

but now, I must forgive and forget. I have forgiven my cousins and siblings and thanked the universe for them being in my life, and I might recall that scene from time to time but then be grateful that, it was an experience to tell to my children.
Don't treat old bad memories with hatred, treat them as old somewhat memorable memories, be grateful for that unusual experience.

Have a great day everyone.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Journey

Hello everyone,
I have decided to make a blog on how my life has changed and how i want it to change by using the Secret [Law of attraction]

First of all,
I am Nada, 15 years old, currently attending AMA university. I'm turning 16 this year and by that time I'll be on my 3rd Trimester on my 1st year of university.
My Goal for years now has been to lose weight.

I first found out about the secret 2 years ago...while i was still in highschool.
I decided to try it on my weight. For a few months nothing really happened, but months after my graduation, I was offered a job as a dance choreographer for this program that was coming up. I was really close with the boss, and her daughter was one of my best friends. So we did it together. That time i was so afraid of checking how much I weigh so i didn't know. Months pass, and I've noticed that I looked thinner. I knew that I've lost weight but I do not know how much I've lost, I was too scared. After the show ended, months later i gained it all back, I looked slightly bigger.
So i decided to go Jogging every weekend.
i did that but it still wouldn't work. because i didnt check out much i weighed so i didn't know if i was loosing or gaining.

now, it is the beginning to 2010, January is almost over.
and i weight myself on the 22nd of January 2010. and i was 184lbs, 84kg. I wasn't surprised. I did feel sad, but i tried to bring all positive things to me just to make me feel better again. My goal is to be 110lbs, 50kg.

Now, i have decided to put my thoughts in alignment with what i want.
i feel the feelings of having it right now.
I want to take it step my step.

So join me in my journey