Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Make it believable for you

This morning I went into my sister's room to wake her up for uni, and her laptop was playing THE SECRET.
I was watching it while trying to wake her up and I was amazed at what I just realized. When I heard one of the teachers who appeared in the movie the secret, they said "Do the things that you think is believable for you"
and I realized that they way I felt about becoming 50kg by my birthday which was April 4, I didn't feel certain that I was going to loose that much in less than six months. Something inside me believes that I can't loose so much in less than six months. So my face stayed put for a few minutes calculating how much time do I believe I need to become my perfect weight and have my perfect body.
I have this obsession to Japanese music, so I decided to set a date, on July 31st 2010, the birthday of one of my favorite Jrockers. When I had that thought in my head, "SIX MONTHS" i thought, "six months! WAW! I know I can do it in SIX months!" I felt positive and i believe that i can achieve it in six months.

it is now my goal to become my 50kg and have my perfect body in Six months.

Make it believable for you.

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