Sunday, June 27, 2010

Keep on Going

The reasons why we some times fail when trying to get the things we want is because of our emotions.
These emotions come from the things you do and think of.
Remember that what ever comes to you, you've attracted.
it doesnt matter if its a cat, dog or a fly. you've attracted it.

I know that you want many things. I want many things too.
one of which is to loose weight.

I saw my weight on January and it was the same as now.
nothing has changed.
now that....that just brings me down even more.
Its already been 6 months.
and absolutely nothing has happened.

but then. i found a way. Something that i haven't been doing for the past 6 months of trying to loose weight.
is to ACT!

act is one of the major ways to get what you want. ACT!
act as it if you already have it...

So what I'm doing on my weight loss...
I'm not going to start again, and I'm not going to end.
I'm just going to keep on Going. no matter what happens i will keep on going until i reach my goal. Even though i feel as if its not working, I'll keep in mind that if one person can do it with nothing then I want to be that person who does it. I want to tell everyone my weight loss journey, on how I just went on with my life and lost all I needed to loose.

I watch the nanny. Fran.
She has marvelous curly hair, great hips, and she is left handed.
I have curly hair that im still on the edge of figure it out. I have hips, and curves, and I'm left handed.
I take some of her aspects to create my perfect life.


I also use to watch Ugly Betty
Betty. She has frizzy hair, glasses and braces.
I have slightly fixed the frizzy-ness of my hair, i have glasses but i'm not going to get braces.
At the end of the show. Betty turned from an Ugly ducking into a Swan.
Betty got thinner, took off her braces, and got new glasses. I was so proud of her.
I want to be like her.
She looked good and became very successful as the co-founder of a magazine in London.


I started acting as how i would act if i was in my perfect body.
> I walk differently. I walk as how naturally thin people walk. Straight and Confident.

> I eat differently. I only eat when im hungry and stop when im slightly full. I never get stuffed because it makes me feel bad. ( i hate being stuffed sometimes, i feel terrible )

> The way i look at myself. I get up in the morning saying Thank you. and look at myself in the mirror. I can not believe it but i look good when i wake up in the morning. My hair might be tangled but it looks good. its not big and bulky like before. My body looks marvelous. and then I smile at myself in the mirror, saying THANK YOU!

> The way i put my clothes on. I have a REALLY THIN sister. so i know how thin people put clothes on. I put it on like a naturally thin person. My pants, my pants is always the problem. I'm a size 34, but it still seems tight around the thigh area. but i make it work by telling myself that its always too big on me. It might be lying to yourself but it will become true. The way i wear my pants isnt above my stomach anymore. Its below. I've noticed that naturally thin people do not wear their jeans about their stomach, they wear it below. So i started wearing it below my belly, to show off how much fat i have on it. I might sometimes feel very cautious, but then gain up confidence, and say to myself "Say all you want, this is my body, and i'll get more out it then you will xD"

No matter what it is. not matter how many times you fail.
Just keep on going, because you wont regret it.

Think of your perfect life,
then live it...

I also suggest reading "Remember Me? by Sophie Kinsella"
this is one book that really inspired me. and its hilarious too
4thumbs up because i only have 4 thumbs.! xD

You will have your way!

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