Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updates (6.12.2012)

Good day my lovely readers,
I apologize for not posting anything up since March, I swear I've been meaning too but I seem to have lost my inspiration to do so, but now I've got it.

I just want this post to be about the updates on my lifestyle and how it's going, since using the Law of Attraction have become apart of me, and I cannot think of another way of living without it. Everything makes so much more sense because of it.

Lets start with the thing I've been focusing on for 3 years now. My Body
I am happy to report that it's going great! Even if I am not 50kg, I've got the body I've wanted or what I've been faintly imagining, I may want to loose some more here and there but for the past 3 years I haven't really been thinking or making it clear what I want my ideal body to look like, I wasn't quite sure on how it'll turn out. So every time I would sit and meditate, I would imagine my body, but not as clearly as I see other things. But what made me go through it, what made me feel happy about myself, what made my 'ideal body journey' go great is be loving myself. I've mentions in my previous blog posts, that loving yourself is one of the keys of getting you ideal body.

"One must love oneself for others to love you" some might say but I say "To get any where in life, One must love oneself"

I haven't weighed myself since I got back from the Philippines last month, but I have been doing my weekly yoga routine and eating whatever that makes me feel good and at the end of every night I would always feel great. Well to be honest, not every night, I would feel extremely tired during the night sometimes, just to be realistic.

The next thing to discuss is My Ideal Man.
I do not know if you all read my review of "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man" by Steve Harvey on my book, fashion and food blog.
If you didn't here it is "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man"

So, about my ideal man, I bet you all are wondering if I found him, aha. I thought I did. Turns out it wasn't him. I know most of you are thinking "you will never know if he's the one until the right time comes" or something like that. Yes, I approve of your judgement and beliefs, but I have my beliefs as well, which is making a list of the features of my ideal guy and using the power of thought and action to bring him to me. I know that maybe the end result will not be exactly according to my list but at least it is what I hoped for.

About the book, "Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man". It's a great book. I am extremely happy that a man has finally written a book like this. It just filled with information about men and relationships, I encourage all the ladies reading this to read it.
I am going to use this information as my basis, and soon, perhaps in a few months time, my time will come when I will finally have a date to a party or be on a date for once in my life at least!

My Ideal Job
I think I've said this in my older posts. "I will always go back to cooking".  Which is completely true. I cannot believe it. It just happened one day, during my break between my classes, I decided to google "La Cordon Bleu" and decided to visit their site. I found that they have branches all over the world, obviously not close to my country. This help me decide that I wanted to take masters in culinary arts, or at least a vocational course. This helped me decide my future. But the probability of me actually attending La Cordon Bleu is 4.5:10. When I spoke to my mum about it, and what branch I would like to go to (which was either Australia or Paris) what she was focusing on was the accent I was going to have when I come back. Then of course she asked if it was really culinary what I wanted to do in my future. When she asked me that question, I hesitated, and said "I guess, I think so" I was still unsure.
Even if I am unsure about my future, I have a plan, I have choices, I've made a list of what to do after I'm done with university.


I am going to be finishing university in precisely 6 months time. I know it will go by fast as a bullet train but I think I want to make the best of it. It'll be my last years of actually being a kid and being immature and all that.


I guess that's it. My 3 main things I want in life. Body, Man, Job
For now, that's it my fellow readers.
Until next time.

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