Friday, March 16, 2012


Good day my lovely readers.
I give my apologies for not blogging since new years. I've been trying to figure out what exactly to write about for the past 3 months, and now I know.


I myself have a slight obsessive compulsive disorder, but not with things around me, but with myself. Everything that comes to me have to be perfect. My body, my man, my career choice. They have to be perfect. Everything has to fit perfectly into my life.

Most people say "Nobody is perfect". Whenever they say that to me, the first thing that pops in my head is, "pfft...anyone can be perfect" What I mean by that is anyone can be perfect in their own ways. Its like how you have your tea, some prefer it with more sugar, and its perfect, some prefer it with more milk, and its perfect.

Ever since I found that I could get things with the Law of Attraction, I realize that I could get PERFECTION. As most of you know that I've been on my weight loss journey since 2010, and since then I've made multiple deadlines throughout the years in which I would be come my ideal weight and have my ideal body. When I would reach my deadline, my weight would either still be the same, lessen or increase. I didn't have my ideal body nor was I my ideal weight.

This year 2012, I've made another deadline, March 14th 2012. In Japan is White Day. White Day is when a boy returns his love to the girl he likes by giving them chocolates, this event only happens in Japan. Its such a sweet event.
The reason why I chose this date is, well, I don't really know. I just chose it, thinking that it would mean something special to me.

As the day passed, I checked my weight, I hoped that I would at least loose a few kg's but instead I gained 2kg's. How depressing. I went like "Wtf am I doing wrong?"(excuse my language). I took a few minutes to stop and think of my actions so far, I said to myself "what is it? I must be doing something wrong. Think all over again" 
So I thought all over again, from the very beginning. I asked myself "What would I do in my ideal weight? How would I be like? How will my life be? How will I act?"

Last year, I had written on my ideal body vision board "To have an easy time finding the right size of clothes for me", "To go shopping", "To say thank you everyday", "to feel confident and comfy wherever I go"

I noticed that when I reread what I had written last year, To the universe, I already am my ideal weight and already have my ideal body. Now I realized that I am not doing anything wrong. I'm doing what I had written a year ago. What I wanted to be, and I am where I wanted to be a year ago.
I've changed the way I see myself in my ideal body. My sense of style has changed, my sense of thought has changed. The way I see perfection in my life has changed. I've grown.

When things like this happens in life, things that don't work out, things that disappoints you. Stop. Relax. Think of what you initially wanted. How it all fits in.

Here is a tip: When you want something, write it down. If you don't want anyone to see it, write it down in a notebook or a small paper, and keep it hidden, and hopefully you'll remember where you kept it. Reread what you had written a month later, and see how you feel about it.

♥...Love all...♥

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