Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2014: Fight with me

2013 has been quite a challenge. I went into the year filled with doubts and fear, and I am ending year feeling like I've half won the battle.

This 2013 was filled with high ups and down lows. It felt like a definite war zone and I'm on the winning side. Though the year has been a battlefield, and the number of times I broke down, cried myself to sleep and scolded myself to do better, I've pulled through and survived.

I don't want to say the cliche "A New Year = New Beginnings" like the did last year and the year before that. I want to walk into the new year filled with hope. Hope that the "New Beginning" would end with smiles and warm hearts. Hope for happiness. Hope for success. Hope for love. Hope for courage. Hope for abundance. 

With 2013 ending. I want to list down the highlights of the year:

January: Started up my fitness routines
February: Officially started my driving lessons and started working at my Dads family business
March: Started going to scheduled workout classes (zumba, pilates, yoga) - It was haaaard but super fun! 

- Got my license on the morning of my birthday.
- Celebrated my birthday at The Sea Loft in Amwaj. Though the weather was crappy and we couldn't find the pool. There were fun memorable moments made.

May: Attended and actually "helped out" at a Toastmaster Area Competition. - It was fun and productive! I smiled, shook hands and held my head high with positivity! xD


 June: Attended my first beach party and got braces! O.O


July: Started Arabic classes but was unfortunately discontinued due to my sudden impatience and over thinking it's purpose in my life. But I did learn a little bit more arabic then I already knew. 

September: Saw an Elvis impersonator and took a selfie with him! xD



- Confirmed that I was going to be awarded Magna Cum Laude. 
- Graduation Practice 
- Graduation Day - I finally graduated from university. 


- Celebrated a local bloggers Blogoversary - It was super fun!

And those are my highlights for 2013. I now realized that I didn't do much xD Even if I didn't, I did have fun. 

Things have come and things have gone, but there are things that have come to stay, those are the things we have to cherish and be extremely grateful for. To those things and people, I want to say 'Thank you' for all the support you've given me through my time on the battlefield. You have bandaged my wounds and pushed me to fight until the very end. Though this battle is far from over, I can see it's future. Its future is victory. 

2014, come at me. I am ready for you! I will fight you with my sword of courage and gut-feelings and shield myself from your strikes with my shield of hope! I am ready! 

Have a great new year everyone! 
May you all carry the courage and hope throughout this 2014, and win this battle along side me. 

Love all, Love life 

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  1. Oh my gosh. Congrats on such a big year girl!