Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year = New Beginning's, Fresh Starts, Rebooting Life

In a few hours, it'll be the year 2012 in my country.
2011 has gone by fast, and this time I really mean it, IT has gone by fast. This is the first time that I actually felt a year gone by so fast. 

I have some what kept to my new years resolution 2011.

What are our accomplishments for the year 2011? 
1. Bought something online (Kis-my-ft2 Debut Single "Everybody Go!")
2. I became more social and opened up
3. Got an internship for the first time and enjoyed it
4. Read 46 Books (just finished Pride & Prejudice a few minutes ago)
5. Experimented with many things (cooking, fashion, ideal careers)
6. Learned new things 
7. Met new people
8. Successfully made it to my 3rd year of University
9. Joined Toastmasters 
10. Kind of found my ideal career
12. Found my interest for the universe/outer space
11. Lost 4.5kg

I think that's it for the accomplishments this year. Not much, but it's something. 

I may have planned to become 50kg by the end of this year, but apparently, my 50kg body hasn't come yet. 
Throughout the year, I have been constantly fighting and trying to listen to my body, to try and get it into alignment with my thoughts and get it to go with the flow with the vibration. 
And by today, I have learned how to do it. You may be wondering how exactly to get your body to be aligned with your thoughts and the vibration of your ideal body & weight, all I have to say is, know what you want, be sure of what you want, and practice. Practice always makes perfect.

This year of 2011 has been my year of experiments and change, and so it was. I am so proud of myself for keeping to this. 

By tomorrow; January 1st 2012, will be the start of a New year, which means New beginnings, fresh starts, to obviously keep going.

Live today as you please and you will not regret it tomorrow. 
Love all, be grateful...xoxo

Happy New Year!!! *lights fireworks*

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