Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentines Day 2012

Since it's Valentines Day I shall post an entry on love.

Let me get it out straight an forward. "if the guy that you like doesn't like you back you can't do anything about it." the only thing you can do is get over it and move on.

You cannot change a person. You can only change yourself.
And this doesn't me to starve yourself and be bulimic because your fat to get a guy to like you. Or to change yourself for him. There are times in life when you must love yourself more than others.

If you like a guy, or think Love him. Then go for it. Love or like him. Enjoy the feeling, but it's going to rather end with an annoyed painful heart or a fluttered flowery one.

I have never dated anyone before nor am I an expert.

What I can tell you is that, Love yourself and others will love you.

What I'm looking for is the ONE, everyone says that I'm so naive to see that I would go through many guys 'Thinking' he's the one. I say No. I say, he will come because he is looking for me and I him.

I wrote down a list of things I would like him to be. Such as; know the law of attraction, he attracted me to him, taller than me, handsome but cute in his own way, love me more than ever, funny, etc.
I know I may sound like I'm listing down my perfect man, but it is what it is.

I also think of a scene of both of us together. I feel the feelings of both of us together, and each time I imagine it, I add more detail to it, like where I specifically am, what im wearing what his wearing, etc.

What I advise you for getting your man.
Love yourself for others to love you. Write down how you want him to be. Imagine a scene with the both of you. Make a scene that give you multiple great feelings, feelings that you can't just get over. Great great great feelings.

Happy Valentines Day and Happy Single awareness Day!
Love you all <3 comment-session="" data--="">

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