Sunday, February 13, 2011

Health and the flu

I had a cold for 3 days straight. It was a good thing it was already the end of my exams.
My sister had a cold before me so I got it from her. She lost her voice and I some how could not stop imagining myself having the same voice. The night before I got the cold. I felt horrible. So I did healing meditation before bed. I felt great and healthy when I feel asleep. But then I woke up in the middle of the night feeling terrible. I started to think like I would just come home early from uni, and that I had a fever. I then tried to go back to sleep. Then woke up again an hour later feeling even worse, and felt as if I had a fever, plus I was shivering. That morning, I eventually woke up with a fever and that day right after my exam I went home early, but I was a day we planned an outing with friends. I couldn't just abandon that, so I started to think positively. I said "I will feel better, I will have fun, I am healthy" and other positive things to help me feel better.

My advice to you about health and the flu. Before you get it, as in when you feel it coming. Drink hot tea, and do something that makes you feel good. Say that you'll stay healthy. When you have it. Drink whatever prescription the doctors gave you, have some tea, and tell your self you'll get better. Distract yourself with a book in your hand. Or a drawing book.

Don't forget to love yourself, and be grateful for your healthy body.
Have fun! ^.^

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