Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Journey

Hello everyone,
I have decided to make a blog on how my life has changed and how i want it to change by using the Secret [Law of attraction]

First of all,
I am Nada, 15 years old, currently attending AMA university. I'm turning 16 this year and by that time I'll be on my 3rd Trimester on my 1st year of university.
My Goal for years now has been to lose weight.

I first found out about the secret 2 years ago...while i was still in highschool.
I decided to try it on my weight. For a few months nothing really happened, but months after my graduation, I was offered a job as a dance choreographer for this program that was coming up. I was really close with the boss, and her daughter was one of my best friends. So we did it together. That time i was so afraid of checking how much I weigh so i didn't know. Months pass, and I've noticed that I looked thinner. I knew that I've lost weight but I do not know how much I've lost, I was too scared. After the show ended, months later i gained it all back, I looked slightly bigger.
So i decided to go Jogging every weekend.
i did that but it still wouldn't work. because i didnt check out much i weighed so i didn't know if i was loosing or gaining.

now, it is the beginning to 2010, January is almost over.
and i weight myself on the 22nd of January 2010. and i was 184lbs, 84kg. I wasn't surprised. I did feel sad, but i tried to bring all positive things to me just to make me feel better again. My goal is to be 110lbs, 50kg.

Now, i have decided to put my thoughts in alignment with what i want.
i feel the feelings of having it right now.
I want to take it step my step.

So join me in my journey

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