Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We all have questions.
Questions if we should go out and buy the coffee or if we would like to take an opportunity.
Recently, I have been feeling a bit of anxiety. Having slight anxiety attack. And as these happen, questions started to come up.
Why am I feeling this way?
Is this something I should worry about?
How do I make it go away?
Should I tell anyone about it?
Let me tell you, if you have a certain problem that you can't seem to fix within 24 hours. Ask yourself the basic questions.
What do I want?
Is this what I want?
What will be the outcome if I do this?
Questions really help with your problems if you answer them honestly.
For a week, during my preliminary examinations at university, I've been having really really bad anxiety attacks. I couldn't focus on studying very well. I had to force myself to eat so that it wont look like there was something with me to my family members.
I have this thing in which I am not very open with my deep personal feelings to anyone close to me. I don't know why.
It is something I want to keep for now. I believe I can solve my own problems.
As the week ended, I got fed up with my anxiety, so I got out a piece of paper and pen and wrote down:
Why am I feeling this way?
Does it have to do with something that happened recently?
How can I make it stop?
It took me 2 days to answer those simple questions honestly.
And I solved my problem of anxiety. Instead of taking it in a bad way, i take it as inspiration. Like causing the Suspension Bridge Syndrome in a way.
My advice to you:
Ask yourselves simple questions that may help solve your problems. And answer those questions honestly.
May the best come to you!
Love all & Smile. :)

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