Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Finding the one

In the beginning of the year, I made a list of aspects I want my ideal guy I be. Some how unique aspects that will make me wonder if it's really him or not.
- tall
- handsome but cute in his own way
- straight hair
- talented
- athletic
- great body
- wants to see the world
- fav color: yellow
- knows the law of attraction
- has a great way of thinking
- westernized
Recently, I met someone that some how fit 5 of these aspects.
For a week I've been wondering if maybe he was the one but I know I should find out more about him.
I see him every week for work. And every week I find his company entertaining and comfy but due to me working, we weren't able to speak much.
What I am going to do is find out what I can and make sure he likes me.
I am still unsure. But I feel that maybe this can change some part of my life.
If you know, or some how feel that something can change your life, act on it.
Love all. <3
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