Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Best in Me and You

For the past week, I've been kind of indecisive about what type of career I want to pursue in the future. I was thinking that if I knew what to do in the future, I could start now since I'm young and since I only have a year and a few more months of University left. I also decided that it would be a wise thing to do since I'm at a young age.

We usually do things that we are best at. Why not be experimental, and try to do thing that we're not best at and be the best in that. That's one formula to be the best in everything. Some may say that being the best in everything can seem very tiring and exhausting after a few weeks or months. All you need is motivation and a dash of inspiration. By doing all these, and trying to be the best you can at mostly everything you want to do ( and don't forget to have fun while doing it ) it will also build you a bright future.

A few years back, I heard a story about a man, who worked in many places, and learned many things. He learned these things from the people he worked for. I cant recall it clearly but in the end, he found the perfect job that applies to everything that he has learned, and became very successful.
I cant remember the details of the story but I feel that I can do something similar, you can do something similar. Be open to multiple opportunities.
Here is a quote from my Dad.
"Try everything once, If you don't like it don't do it again"
I would take these words with me everywhere when ever an opportunity to do something new arises. Fore it will give me motivation to do it and try it out.

For those who are unclear about what to pursue in the future, don't worry, it will come. Just try to be the best in want you enjoy doing and expand a little after that. Take it step by step.

My motivation is my dad's quote and the motivation I give to myself and to others. I give it to myself because by doing this, people will give motivation back to me (Love yourself and others with love you). My inspiration would be my future ahead of my future ( My married life with my ideal man, and our kids and grand kids, and great grand kids, knowing that I lived a successful life )
Make your own motivation and inspiration, if you can't then find one, because it is looking for you.

In conclusion, anyone can be the best in anything and everything. Get your motivation and inspiration to give you a boost. Futures are bright because we make them bright by shining our great success at it.

Have a great day. Be and Do your best.
Love to all! <3

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