Friday, August 24, 2012

Run Run Run

I have been going walking/jogging/running outside with my sister for a about 3-4 days now. We would go and do that for about 30 minutes or so. And these 30 minutes include a little bit of jogging, power walking and just normal walking.

Let me tell you this, If you want to loose weight, if you want to have your ideal body and become your ideal weight, then all you need to do is to get off your butt and work for it. Get motivated. Stay motivated.

Going out for a walk or run alone may seem a tad bit scary for some of us because sometimes people stare and you kind of get freaked out by them, or probably because we don't like going alone. I suggest going with someone so that both of you can motivate each other.

After you take that 20 minute or 30 minute run or walk, you will feel tired and exhausted BUT, you will feel great and fantastic after your done and it will inspire you to do much more with your day and more with your life, because I know I felt the same way by the end of my run.

What you're going to do:
What I want you all to do right now is to go and call up a friend and ask if they want to go jogging with you. Plan when you'll go and for how long. Trust me you'll feel great by the end of that run.

If you want to get somewhere, take action my lovelies.

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